Monthly Archives: June 2015


Food, Manners, and Me

  Table manners are always in play. Even when you’re alone, there’s a sort of unwritten imperative for some basic manners — unless you don’t mind trashing your floor and wearing your food. When you eat with others manners provide a foundation beneath the meal. In western societies we generally eat at a table –… Read More


Everything Old is Corn Again

On my last visit to Trader Joe’s I succumbed to the pressure, the allure, and the evil draw of impulse that emanates from those never-good-for-you products lurking next to the cash registers. This particular “pssst , hey kid, wanna buy some …” had the added sexiness of a foreign accent, the temptation of an exotic Incan… Read More


Bugs Yesterday, Bugs Today, and Blimey If It Don’t Look Like Bugs Again Tomorrer* …

When I was in grade school I had a toy called Incredible Edibles.  It let kids try their hand at creating – a la Frankenstein – sickly-sweet edible insects. Even as a boy I had a sense that the end product was some sort of plastic sweetened with saccharine. The off-putting, medicinal taste was part… Read More


My Slow Breakfast

The process of peeling off my morning muddle starts with coffee. Luckily we have the kind of machine warms up in about a minute and makes one cup at a time. As I sip my first coffee I eat something small and bready; usually a cookie or piece of toast. Then I can focus enough to… Read More


Pushing Buttons and Boundaries in the Kitchen

The best way to test something is to actually work with it.  We need to dabble and obsess.  We need to see what the buttons on machines do (and don’t do) and figure out how to undo things we didn’t intend.  We need to mix powders with gooey things, and learn by trial and error… Read More