Monthly Archives: August 2015


Peaches + Shortbread = Summertime’s Best Tart

  Every summer, the first time I run across peaches, plums, or apricots, I do the same thing. I buy some. I buy them when it’s too early in the season, when they’re hard as rocks and have no discernable ripe peach smell. I’m a sucker for stone fruit. That first buy of the season,… Read More


Shop Happy and Make Better Food

I’d hate the grocery store if I bought the same fruits and vegetables every time I shopped. I like tomatoes and lettuce and apples, but they’re a bit of a bore. They’re everywhere. They’ve been the fine print boilerplate of the produce aisle since the general store became the modern grocery store. Every time I shop I’m on a mission…. Read More


The Ugliest Tomato (and food ethics)

There’s a plethora of press on ugly produce – not as much press as all things Trump, but nearly as much as the republican candidates whose names you don’t remember. More specifically, these articles are about the huge amount of food wasted because most ugly produce is tossed out instead of being sold. Tons and tons… Read More


Quesadillas: Slow Food in No Time at All

I grew up in Arizona before salsa and tortilla chips were standard fare, in the days when ketchup, not salsa was everyone’s favorite condiment . We ate Mexican food as often as hamburgers, and tortillas had a regular place in our refrigerator by the time I was in junior high. My memories of these thickish, doughy tortillas… Read More