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7  Kitchen Habits That Will Make Your Food Taste Its Best

If people are black wool sweaters then their habits are lint. Habits are sneaky little things. They creep up from behind (or from within) and take gradual, subtle control. The cliche “we’re creatures of habit” applies to each of us in our own, uniquely neurotic way. Why do we allow our habits to have the upper hand? … Read More


It Looks Like a Pancake To You … But It’s a Socca To Me

Judy Carne – the “sock it to me” girl on Laugh In – died earlier this month, and I couldn’t help the title pun. I was too young to watch the show, and my parents were too old (at least when it came to their TV tastes), but every kid in my grade school knew there was something… Read More


10 Dirty Little Secrets That Will Make You A Better Cook

The biggest difference between home cooks and kitchen professionals isn’t skill or technique. It’s not ingredients. What sets kitchen pros apart from home cooks is adherence to the rules of kitchen sanitation. No matter how good your food tastes or how pretty it looks, if it literally makes people vomit you messed up. Most food-related… Read More


Consider the Watermelon Radish

– – – Radishes are colorful, cheap, crunchy and full of flavor. I go through phases where I use them more and then less, but even in my less-phases I suspect that I use them more than the typical cook. I’m just coming off a watermelon radish high. As the name suggests the watermelon radish… Read More


Fig, Figgy, Figgiest … The Fig Post

– – – There is nothin’ like a fig, Nothin’ in the world, There is nothin’ you can name That is anything like a fig! I love figs. I slice into them with the sort of anticipation most people associate with Edmund Dantes opening the treasure chest full of jewels (on the Isle of Monte Cristo),… Read More