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How to Rub a Flank Steak (and Shiitakes) the Right Way

I grew up eating two kinds of steak; raw and well done. At my grandmother’s house steak was always served underdone. She believed in rare steak, and she was a bit grandma-dearest about everyone needing to eat some steak cooked to her specifications. When I say specifications I’m being true to my memories of the ordeal… Read More


My Quest for Grilled Cheese Nirvana – Opus 2

It’s a brisk winter day and I want a hot lunch. Of course everything’s relative. Here in Scottsdale “brisk” means it’s way down in the low 60’s. I wore a cotton V-neck sweater with a T shirt underneath. The sky has been cloudy all day, which means that I think the weather is nearly perfect…. Read More


The Best One Ingredient Recipe Ever – Embellishments Welcome

  Nothing says welcome like the aroma of something brown and buttery wafting out the door as you greet guests. This time of year, when schedules tend to be  packed, who doesn’t need a few time saving kitchen tricks. Parmesan Frico are thin crisps made of cheese. The recipe isn’t really a kitchen hack, because it’s actually… Read More