Lavender fields, wandering guinea fowl, 80-year-old digs, and the first Caesar Salad to make me swoon in an awfully long time.

Breakfast Tartine

Protein, fiber, calcium … and even a little vitamin C … in about 3 minutes.

Thinnest Crust Pizza

It’s dinner I’m hungry (a bit lazy too) but fast food and the microwave are oh so taboo.   No plan in my head no recipe near but I made tonight’s meal lacking all fear.   It’s a combo you see of fresh produce, my pantry, and egg roll wrappers so thin; de minimus crust pizza’s… Read More

Why You Should Shop At Farmers Markets When You Travel

When I travelled in the olden days, before 9/11, I brought back food in jars and bottles.  The 3-ounce liquid rule makes this impossible on any trip where I’m doing carry-on. When I check a bag I’ll stick in a bottle or two, and maybe some jars. BUT … I have to assume that the suitcase will be… Read More

A Reasonably Big Fish Story

As bucket lists go, I technically crossed deep sea fishing off my personal list when I was in grade school.  My family went to Guaymas for a few days and we went fishing for half a day. It was fun, but the memory that stands out most is the mother of all paper cuts I… Read More


What’s not to like about persimmons? … Or one-ingredient recipes? … Or crisp-chewy snacks that seem decadent but are actually as healthy as a piece of fruit? It’s autumn, and for the next few weeks persimmons are in season. Chopped in a salad, dried and added to granola for a bit of uncommon chew, or… Read More

A Table for 2 (or 3) in Athens

  Ten Days, 2 Cities, a new drink (to me), a whole lot of fish, and the odd urge to keep saying “there you go” … A stay at Athens’ Hotel Grande Bretagne is a step back in time. Maybe it’s the late ’40’s or early ’50’s – when much of the city’s white, boxy ubiquitous housing was… Read More