Category: Kitchen Hacks


Spraying Vegetable Oil

When spraying a pan with vegetable oil, keep your counter and/or sink clean and unslimed by holding the pan inside the dishwasher (or set it on the open door) and spray. Any spray that misses the pan will be washed away the next time you run the dishwasher.


Keep Melting Butter from Splattering Your Microwave

Keep melting butter from splattering your microwave: Leave the waxed paper on the stick of butter. Place the stick into a pyrex measuring cup, seam side down. Run the microwave on high for a minute. The butter will flow down through the seam, and the paper will keep your microwave from becoming splattered. Do not… Read More


Keeping Leafy Greens Fresh

When I buy kale or chard I like to wash the greens when I get home from the store. After shaking off excess water I place them in an overlapping single layer on top of a cloth or paper towel. If I have enough greens I place a second towel on top of the first… Read More