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Lavender fields, wandering guinea fowl, 80-year-old digs, and the first Caesar Salad to make me swoon in an awfully long time.


A Spoon, By Any Other Name

There are times when I head into the kitchen and cook, and I surprise myself with an abundance of unplanned bites for dinner. And, there are times when I head into the kitchen to cook, but don’t. Instead I stare for a few minutes at something that’s not quite right and get stuck. I stare because… Read More


10 Dirty Little Secrets That Will Make You A Better Cook

The biggest difference between home cooks and kitchen professionals isn’t skill or technique. It’s not ingredients. What sets kitchen pros apart from home cooks is adherence to the rules of kitchen sanitation. No matter how good your food tastes or how pretty it looks, if it literally makes people vomit you messed up. Most food-related… Read More


Shop Happy and Make Better Food

I’d hate the grocery store if I bought the same fruits and vegetables every time I shopped. I like tomatoes and lettuce and apples, but they’re a bit of a bore. They’re everywhere. They’ve been the fine print boilerplate of the produce aisle since the general store became the modern grocery store. Every time I shop I’m on a mission…. Read More


The Ugliest Tomato (and food ethics)

There’s a plethora of press on ugly produce – not as much press as all things Trump, but nearly as much as the republican candidates whose names you don’t remember. More specifically, these articles are about the huge amount of food wasted because most ugly produce is tossed out instead of being sold. Tons and tons… Read More


Getting the Most Out of 2.5 Days in New York (or… We Ate Manhattan)

… … … Thursday … Arrive at La Guardia a little before 5 pm  I was in New York this past weekend with my husband and our friends Mike and Linda West. The day after we got back I read an article in the Times explaining how Uber and its ilk are making Manhattan traffic noticeably worse… Read More


Sponges, Germs, and Gender Neutrality in the Kitchen

Would you be comfortable using water from the toilet bowl to clean your kitchen counters and wash the dishes? I’m guessing that your answer is no. Then why do people use sponges in the kitchen even though pretty much all the scientific data suggests that they’re not just a perfect breeding ground for germs, but… Read More


Marketing Healthy Options but Selling Something Else

I recently read a restaurant industry article titled What’s hot with fried foods. I was hoping to find a nuts-and-bolts blend of technique and inspiration that would up my game in the kitchen. I worry that if I don’t constantly tweak my kitchen skills they’ll fade away, like the four semesters of French I took… Read More