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Breakfast Tartine

Protein, fiber, calcium … and even a little vitamin C … in about 3 minutes.


Thinnest Crust Pizza

It’s dinner I’m hungry (a bit lazy too) but fast food and the microwave are oh so taboo.   No plan in my head no recipe near but I made tonight’s meal lacking all fear.   It’s a combo you see of fresh produce, my pantry, and egg roll wrappers so thin; de minimus crust pizza’s… Read More


Why You Should Shop At Farmers Markets When You Travel

When I travelled in the olden days, before 9/11, I brought back food in jars and bottles.  The 3-ounce liquid rule makes this impossible on any trip where I’m doing carry-on. When I check a bag I’ll stick in a bottle or two, and maybe some jars. BUT … I have to assume that the suitcase will be… Read More



What’s not to like about persimmons? … Or one-ingredient recipes? … Or crisp-chewy snacks that seem decadent but are actually as healthy as a piece of fruit? It’s autumn, and for the next few weeks persimmons are in season. Chopped in a salad, dried and added to granola for a bit of uncommon chew, or… Read More


Summertime Soup with Baby Squash, Peppers & Tomatoes – Thickened with Humus

It’s summertime and cooking should be easy. It’s mid May, and if you’re not in Arizona you probably think it’s spring. But I’m in Phoenix and it will be 104 today – so it’s summer. I’m not defining the seasons based on how I feel about the weather, I’m basing them on how the weather… Read More


Vadouvan-Crusted Ahi in Under 30 Minutes

Vadouvan is a French culinary homage to the Asian spices and flavors found in curries, and it’s one of my favorite things to have in a jar in my kitchen. Vadouvan is spicy because it’s made with a lot of spices, but it’s not the sort of spicy denoted on menus by small red chilies… Read More


Super Easy 3-Ingredient Wasabi-Salmon Hors d’Oeuvres

  On occasion I make an hors d’oeuvre … on a weeknight … when I’m cooking for two. If you think that sounds like a lot of fuss for just me and my husband you’re right; it does sound like a fuss. In reality, it’s not much ado about eating. There are three occasions when I make an everyday hors… Read More


Pizza – My Never-the-Same-Twice Favorite Thing to Make for Dinner

A hobby says a lot about a person. If your hobby is rebuilding engines or needlepoint you take on projects that span weeks or months and probably have a lot of patience. When you cook for pleasure the results aren’t exactly instantaneous, but they’re fast in the scheme of things. Cookies-in-an-hour is the sort of motivation that got… Read More