What’s not to like about persimmons? … Or one-ingredient recipes? … Or crisp-chewy snacks that seem decadent but are actually as healthy as a piece of fruit?

It’s autumn, and for the next few weeks persimmons are in season. Chopped in a salad, dried and added to granola for a bit of uncommon chew, or eaten solo like an apple, persimmons are one of my favorite fruits. Of course. I was the kid in junior high who ordered filet of sole amandine… Now, I’m inclined toward simpler fare.

A few years ago I was borrowing Sandy’s dehydrator on a regular basis (Sandy L – who was my sous chef). I tried removing the moisture from every sort of fruit and vegetable that passed through my kitchen. The persimmon was not spared.

Now I have my own dehydrator and I just desiccated 8 trays of persimmon slices. That sounds like a lot of persimmons, but it was only 8. I sliced them a mere 16th of an inch thick, so that they’d be easy to chew after drying. If they’re thick they’re tough.


If you don’t have a dehydrator (or a Sandy to lend you one) you can use a regular oven. Place the sliced persimmons on a cooling rack set on a baking sheet. Put them into the oven on its lowest heat setting – usually around 170 °F. If you’ve got convection use that. If you don’t have convection prop the door open (just a crack with a 1-inch wad of aluminum foil) so the moisture escapes.

How long it takes will depend on a slew of factors (the thickness of your slices, the number of persimmons, your oven, etc.) In my dehydrator on the 145 – 150 °F setting it took about 5 hours.  In a standard oven at 170 °F expect a dry-time of around 2 to 3 hours

That’s it. It’s a one-ingredient recipe after all…