As bucket lists go, I technically crossed deep sea fishing off my personal list when I was in grade school.  My family went to Guaymas for a few days and we went fishing for half a day. It was fun, but the memory that stands out most is the mother of all paper cuts I got when I grabbed the line after a fish bit. The line was being pulled fast. I grabbed the pole, not realizing that moving fish line would slice into my finger. Won’t do that again.

People who know me would probably not expect any sort of fishing to be on any sort of list of mine. People who know me well might laugh at the concept. But over Thanksgiving in Cabo San Lucas the only optional activity I wanted to explore was fishing. My husband wanted to parasail. We signed up for both. Luckily his fear of heights is greater than mine so we cancelled the parasailing. I can swim. I can’t fly.

Fishing is not difficult. Especially when there’s someone doing everything but the actual sitting and waiting for a fish to bite. We also drank some beer. (Yes, I drink beer! But only when I’m doing something like fishing or watching sports … so not often at all.

When a fish bit I also reeled it in. I did not clean it.

We each caught a fish. My Dorado became dinner. Jimmy’s marlin was a photo op – and then it was set free.

Back at The Cape (which is fun to say because it sounds like a place the Kennedys own, but is actually the name of the hotel) we turned the fish-on-ice over the the staff. I had only one request. I asked that the chef make a ceviche with coconut milk and lime. We got the dish, below, abundantly full of fresh coconut, its milk, lime, basil, tomatoes, tomatillos, and slices of dorado. Perfect.

We got a second ceviche. This time the dorado was swimming with mixed citrus and slices of watermelon radish. We were glad we decided to let the kitchen take control.

Then came taquitos. Cubes of dorado breaded and pan seared, red pepper, wafers of radish and tomatillo, avocado, and some celery leaves. I spritzed mine with lime juice. Jimmy doesn’t spritz.

For the finale of our dorado tasting we had grilled dorado, served with grilled vegetables and squid ink pasta. As an FYI – dorado is the same as mahimahi. The photo’s color is a bit off, because it was getting dark and I won’t use a flash when people are eating nearby.

The sunset was worth a less-than-perfect (colorwise) pic of the last course.

In case you’re wondering, dorado pairs awfully well with a nice reposado tequila on the rocks.

Happy Holidays and Happiest of New Years.