Bacon, Arugula and Tomato Quesadillas



This recipe began with me looking for a way to make a simple dinner without going to the store. I decided on a BLT in a tortilla, but didn't have tomatoes. I did have tomato jam, shishito peppers, and manchego cheese. Then I had dinner.

Yield Makes 4



  1. Set the 4 tortillas on your work surface. Spread 1 tablespoon of jam over each.
  2. Place 1/8 of the cheese on half of each tortilla. Top with 1/8 of the bacon, 1/8 of the shishitos, and 1/8 of the arugula. Repeat - so that the ingredients are layered and evenly distributed.
  3. Fold the tortillas in half. Press down to compact the ingredients. Brush tops and bottoms with olive oil.
  4. Heat a large skillet or griddle (or grill pan) over medium heat. When hot add the quesadillas. Turn over after 4 minutes and cover. If the pan does not have a cover use a sheet of foil, or a cookie sheet. After 4 minutes turn over again, and cover. Turn once more, and finish uncovered. Transfer to serving plates


Assembly of the Quesadillas – just before folding them in half.

bacon, arugula, tomato quesadillas assembly

Andy Broder - KitchenThink

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